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How can you be the most effective version of yourself, personally or professionally, until you fully understand your behaviors, what motivates you, and how you most effectively communicate? The simple answer is that it's impossible. 

Yet so many of us try to do just that, every single day of our lives.

That's why our first step here at Peak Influence, after you receive your complimentary performance guide, is to provide you with a DISC behavior assessment so we can help you to raise your self-awareness to a level it has never been before. 

Whether you are an NBA executive, or a high school head coach, the quickest path to success starts with you performing at the most effective, and efficient, level possible.

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Ryan Stock has been working for over 10 years now with professional athletes and coaches, NCAA organizations, on across to elite level high school athletes and coaches, in helping individuals and teams achieve their highest level of performance.

A former coach of 12 years himself at the NCAA and NJCAA levels, Ryan has a certification in providing DISC assessments, as well as being certified in a number of other professional lanes including leadership training, executive coaching, communication, among others. Ryan will help you increase your performance in ways you never thought possible. 

We offer a variety of services listed below, but the most important first step that you need to do TODAY is signing up to join our Inner Circle. 

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DISC Assessment

"I took the coach DISC Assessment not fully understanding the scope and I was amazed at how accurate the results were. From the profile report that I was given I was able to learn more about myself behaviorally, communicatively, and how to interact with others within and out of my DISC style. I would recommend the DISC Assessment to anyone who wants to be more self-aware and effectively communicate with others. Along with the doing the DISC Assessment, I am currently immersed in the Executive Coaching sessions and I am pleased with my progress thus far. I am looking forward to finishing the sessions and seeing the end result."  

Lionel Hollins  

Former NBA head coach, client

Peak Influence

"After taking the DISC Assessment through Peak Influence I was blown away with the detail, efficiency and results breakdown. I have taken every form of personality test and behavior assessment being in the NBA as an executive, and I can honestly say that Peak Influence was far and away more informative. They were able to explain behaviors, as well as how to communicate and motivate more effectively, in a way that I know every NBA team will find of great use. "  

Pete Philo  

President TPG Sports

Contact Ryan Today and You Will Learn:

- Why should you use Peak Influence for your professional growth, or for your professional sports organization? After downloading our free Performance Improvement Guide there will be absolutely no doubt that Peak Influence and our training module is the right one for you. Whether you are looking for personal growth, executive coaching, leadership training with your entire organization, and everything in between, Peak Influence is the place for you.  

- What does my personal growth have to do with being more successful professionally, for me or for my organization? This is a very common misconception. How can we expect to be our best professionally, if we are not first the best version of ourselves? This is not being selfish, this is a matter of you raising your self-awareness and personal development so you are the best possible version of you, which in turns makes your organization better.  

- What is a DISC Assessment, what does it provide, and how does Peak Influence implement them? You learn all about this in your Performance Improvement Guide, but DISC is an extremely simple, easy to understand, four-quadrant behavior assessment tool that helps you to understand your own behaviors, motivators, and how you most effectively communicate. We have you or your organization take these assessments very early on in our consulting package at a minimal investment on your end, and then use the results as the baseline for all the services we provide.  

- Lots of people offer DISC Assessments, how are you guys any different? The DISC Assessments we provide are only the foundation of our services. Ryan has been certified in numerous lanes including leadership expertise, communication, and executive coaching. All services can be provided for you and/or your team. All will provide extreme value to you and your organization.  

- The Benefits of DISC and the DISC Assessment Tool. How can you be an effective professional until you first fully understand yourself? We all behave, communicate, and are motivated differently, so why would we want to try and succeed personally, or professionally, without first understanding who we are?  

- Putting it all together. What is the best next step for you as a sports professional? Is it our executive coaching package to help make your personal and professional life more balanced, and more productive? Should we work with the entire team on making them more aware of each other's behaviors, and how to motivate and communicate more effectively? Does your team need a military immersion piece to help make them more aware of their behaviors and possible shifts that may occur in stressful situations?  

- Did you say military immersion piece? Yes. Our final and most intensive piece we offer is a military immersion component where we bring in retired Navy SEALs and Army Rangers to put your team through stressors they would ordinarily not face until the season is underway. What this does is provide valuable learning lessons that are necessary for team growth, but most importantly save your organizations losses, both on the floor and financially! 

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DISC athlete assessment
DISC Assessment

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